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Westwood International Events

Your Commitment​

….to an evening dedicated to the most disadvantaged victims of a daily life where basic foodstuffs, water, or even social support are sorely lacking.

By letting Westwood International Events organize your evening, you will touch those left on the side of the road.

With your contribution, you can make your celebration an immeasurable support for the blue planet and its inhabitants. Those who contemplate it without ever having had the opportunity to be one with it.

Make your evening an ode to life.

Your evening

Cultural pluralism, mixing the spicy and exotic flavors of the Caribbean with the culinary traditions of a timeless Mexico. All sprinkled with French and Mediterranean cuisine, where a full range of meats, seafood, fish and vegetables will be king, awakening your taste buds and palate harmoniously.

Sumptuous decor in magical places spring from the imagination of professionals who are attentive to your every wish, and will know how to fulfill them. From silver cutlery adorned with the most prestigious names, to magical lights that will not only make the starry nights of the Sea of Cortez and the Riviera Maya fade from view, they will accompany you wherever your steps will guide you.

The rich chords of Latin jazz, with swaying rhythms, tinged with Elektro zest, performed by exceptional musicians from all over the world, and the exuberance of DJ made in a new millennium like a highlight in this ephemeral but real moment, will carry you beyond borders, where you never suspected their existence.

A Westwood International Event is more than an event...
It's a celebration of life!

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