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The Staff

María Speight

An American, residing in the United States. Maria is the Executive Administrator with Westwood International Events.

Maria hails from the Deep South of Alabama in the United States, has entertaining in her blood. From planning to implementing details to the finished outcomes, Maria believes in excellence and integrity in her work with Westwood International Events.

As liaison for our exceptional clients, Maria’s role is to see to it that all aspects of your event brings to you the reality of your dreams. Maria coordinates our operations with event and musical directors, vendors, event planners, venues, and any other service that will make your vision a reality. Please don’t hesitate to contact her if should you need anything.

Joshua Biletsky

Joshua is an American, residing in Los Angeles, in the United States. He is the Legal Advisor and Attorney for Westwood International Events. He speaks English, Spanish, Italian and Thai.

Joshua grew up in Las Vegas, Nevada and then moved to California to attend law school, where he graduated from Southwestern School of Law in Los Angeles and received his Bachelor of Arts in Sociology from the University of Arizona in Tucson, Arizona. He established Biletsky Law in 2014, and is committed to offering clients a unique and professional service which accommodates each client’s individual needs. He strives towards providing exceptional legal services to clients in the entertainment industry and to businesses in any stage of their development. Joshua’s legal career began during his internship in the Legal & Business Affairs Department of Warner/Chappell Music, one of the world’s largest music publishers. At Warner/Chappell, Joshua gained knowledge and experience in drafting and reviewing publishing agreements and researching international copyright laws. Joshua also worked on legendary artists’ files such as James Brown, the Gershwin Brothers, and many other prolific artists. After passing the California bar, Joshua worked as a commercial and theatrical agent at an across-the-board talent agency. This gave Joshua a unique background in SAG contracts as well as knowledge of movies, television, commercials, print, music video, and new media formats. Joshua has represented talent of all ages from toddlers to actors in their 90’s.

Joshua’s recognition of the importance of integrating his entertainment legal services with other practice areas. such as business and corporate law as well as intellectual property law, has resulted in Joshua’s ability to provide a full service law office to clients of all sizes. Upon coming on board with the team of Westwood International Events, his confirmed commitment to client services is second to none as he insures that every aspect of the business is handled with great care.

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