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Gourmet Catering

Jorge Sergio Pliego Chesterking

(Mexican, Mexico)

As Executive Head Chef of our Gourmet Catering Division, Jorge specialises in creative culinary international haute cuisine, including gourmet seafood delights. He speaks both Spanish and English.

Before coming on board with Westwood International Events, Jorge studied and received his diploma as an Executive Chef from Universidad Iberoamericana in Mexico City, then attended the Culinary Institute of America in New York City. He has garnered over 15 years of extensive experience working in some of the finest of restaurants and hotels such as the Four Seasons in Mexico City, as Executive Chef for the Team Forsythe Racing Championship Car Series, private international yacht tours, and various corporate events all over Mexico.

Jorge’s culinary experience comes from touching many global ports of call, such as Boston, Washington D.C., New York, Newport, Spain, England, Italy, Portugal, Turkey, the Greek Islands, the Caribbean, the Exumas and Miami, as well as the Black Sea, Mediterranean Sea, the Pacific Coast, and the Gulf of Mexico.

Jorge’s commitment to excellence in haute cuisine brings to our guests every area of exquisite dining on land or sea, creating and presenting new and exciting dishes, whether it be for a VIP/private dining or designing your menu for your next perfect event!

Jenniffer Tacher Arellano

(Mexican, Mexico)

We are delighted to announce that Jenniffer Tacher Arellano, an Executive Chef from Mexico City, has agreed to join us at Westwood International Events. She brings her vast experiences designing delicious specialties in Organic Vegan and Gluten Free cakes, as well as delicious Mediterranean tapas and seafood dishes. Jenniffer speaks English and Spanish.

Jenniffer graduated from the Culinary Institute of America in New York City with a Diploma in Culinary Arts, with a Certificate of Health.  Her extensive experience includes the influential designing, development, and implementation of a restaurant vision to completion, such as the Emporio Armani Caffé in Mexico City, where she was Executive Chef specializing in Italian Haute Cuisine. She has also key in the directing of preparation and execution of dinners and events for well-known dignitaries as the Gonzalez family, Mr. Miguel Alamán and various VIP clientele.   Her fascination with discovering new, contemporary dishes inspires her to reach further and creating her own interesting, exciting and delicious food. Also, Jenniffer’s vast knowledge of wine will complement any cuisine you request for your unique celebration.

No matter what your guest’s dining requirements are, Jenniffer’s passion for making your event to happen will be an evening to remember!!

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