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These featured artistes with Westwood International Events are just a few of the many who are available to entertain you and your guests…….

Serge Grad

French, residing in Mexico. Serge Grad is the Artistic Director/Founder for Westwood International Events and the Gumbo Square Band. He speaks French, English and Spanish.

Just as the limelight illuminates your diamond-set night, The Show is definitely a key moment of your triumph.

I am the Artistic Director, in charge of the supervision of what will accompany your celebration musically to it’s final close. As Songwriter-Arranger-Producer and the Founder of the Gumbo Square Band, I have directed the production of three albums made in different recording studios, with the collaboration of about thirty musicians around the world in Europe, South America or the United States. Among the musicians who participated in this adventure are Geoff Britton, ex-drummer of Paul McCartney and Wings, as well as Yumar Bonachea, the renowned trumpet player who accompanied well-known Mexican recording artist, Armando Manzanero, or even Frank Itt, regular bassist of Howard Carpendale, the South African star, undeniably famous in Europe, and more particularly in Germany.

We will provide for you the best performers, musicians, light and sound engineers from all over the world to make your event a dream moment.

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